Figuring out what is more worthwhile is an art rather than science!

Colour is often the first thing buyers look for when buying ‘Type A’ Jadeite Jade.

‘Type A’ Jadeite Jade is almost synonymous with green, and the bright translucent emerald or imperial shades of the colour are still the most prized.

Natural Jadeite Jade ‘Type A’ comes in a wide range of colours and divided with different hues, tones and saturation. Buyers must really understand what to look at instead on focusing on the price of the item.

Besides seeing the right colour, the real Buyers also look for size, shape, translucency and texture and most important too, craftsmanship.

A Natural ‘Type A’ Jadeite Jade bangle, for instance, is often a good investment because of its volume. By choosing a good colour with good translucency will add more value to your collection. As the saying goes with anything, the higher the quality, the higher the value it is.

With Jadeite jade in International Auction house, the past auction sale records often provided us the best indicator of price. The single most expensive Jadeite jade item ever sold was the Hutton-Mdivani Necklace. It was owned by Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton. The Necklace comprised of twenty-seven (27) pieces of graduated highly translucent bright emerald green jadeite beads with a clasp set with diamonds and rubies. It was sold for $27.4m at the Sothebys’s auction in 2014, more than six times the price when it was sold for at auction 20 years earlier.