Translucent Lavender Jadeite Carved "Pixiu & Ruyi" Barrel (JAB002926)

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Beautiful 100% Natural 'Type A' Translucent Lavender Jadeite Carved "Pixiu & Ruyi” Barrel Pendant

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  • Color: Translucent Lavender
  • Country of Origin: Myanmar (Burma)
  • Material: 'Type A' Jadeite Jade
  • Item Code: JAB002926
  • Internal Diameter: N.A

This contemporary yet timeless cylindrical shape pendant is our signature “Barrel” pendant. Translucent beautiful piece of lavender jadeite is handpicked and specially crafted. Beautiful, pure and simple, this barrel tells a tale of modern jadeite.

On the barrel, you can see the carving of “Pixiu and Ruyi”. In the Chinese tradition and Fengshui, the carving of the "Ruyi" - (如意) - is said to grant any wishes that are wished upon and keep the bearer safe and protected against negativities - (事事如意), where everything in life will be smooth sailing. The carving of “Pixiu” - (貔貅) – is said to keep the bearer from harm and evil interference. “Pixiu” - (貔貅) – is a mythical animal of wealth luck and prosperity as it is believed that the only food intakes are gold ingots and precious gems.

The “Lu Lu Tong” – shape of a “Barrel” is a direct translation simply meaning “all through roads”. This depicts directly to those who own it, able to cross any hurdles or obstacles with ease & immediately positive energy of luck & success will come. The shape is like a wheel that rolls over all hindrances and obstacles.

The colour of Lavender symbolises love, good relationship and wisdom. A beautiful and wonderful gift item and is specially made for a truly, timeless collection. This barrel pendant is absolutely deserved to be an addition to your collection or as a gift for your loved ones.


Positive benefits of Jadeite Jade

Wearing Natural jadeite jade can helps the bearer to ward off negative energies or evil spirits. Natural Jadeite jade harness the earth's positive energies. The Jadeite Jade is able to bring peace and harmony to the bearer that owns it. It is the key to happiness, good health and well-being.


Remarks: No flaws.

This pendant does not come with chain.

Do contact us for more pictures or if you do have any question, please feel free to ask prior to your checkout. We are always happy to assist you on your queries.


'Type A' Jadeite Jade
Country of Origin
Myanmar (Burma)
Translucent Lavender
12.3mm x 11.6mm
Fine to medium
Internal Diameter:

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Reserved ProductNo
Dimension12.3mm x 11.6mm
ColorsTranslucent Lavender
TextureFine to medium
Product Weight2.70gm
Internal DiameterN.A
Country of OriginMyanmar (Burma)
Material'Type A' Jadeite Jade
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